About INI

INI Solutions is a Point Of Sales software company since 2005 located in Vancouver Area. (Burnaby)
We have been developed our POS software based on customers' needs.

INI POS systems are comprised of various hardware, software, and levels of sophistication and complexity and widely used from small to big business owners across Canada.

With a INI Solutions, businesses can maximize their flow and function.
INI POS Systems do more than just offer flexibility when processing daily transactions. It improves customers’ chances of success by providing them with the tools to streamline business operations.


Customer Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

- No Call Waiting is Guaranteed
- Exprienced Support Teams are Ready to Help You

- Knowledgeable Technician will be with you mostly in 2 hrs.

- Provide Full Hardware Warranty for 3yrs
- Whithin Warranty Period, Replacement with New Unit.

- We are Always Ready to Support
- Simply Call us and Leave Voice Message

Customer satidfaction

What makes us special?

Years of Operation

Knowledgeable Specialists

Satisfied Clients