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  • Login Access Level 
  • Employee Working Time Management 
  • Expense Management 
  • Customer Management
  • Table Information. Server name, Time, Guest number, Amount
  • Split Bill Options-Touch & Drag
  • Food Modifier Option
  • Move & Merge Table
  • Print Menu Items to Kitchen, Bar or Etc.
  • Reservation
  • Delivery Control
  • Customize Menu Buttons 
  • Caller ID Display 
  • Training Mode
  • Multi Language Support (Korean & Chinese)
  • Discount Level
  • Logo Print
  • Auto Back Up System
  • Integrated with IPod or IPad for remote ordering
  • In House Gift Card System
  • Integrated Card Processing System (Chase Paymentech)
  • Report by Category, Items, Day, Month, Hourly, Employees and more
  • All Data can be exported to Excel

INI POS systems are designed for any sized Restaurants who are interested in saving time and money, improving business processes and increasing customer satisfaction.


20 new ways to make your business better.

Access Level
Employee, Manager, Owner access level

Move Table
Don’t get confused, when your customers move to the other tables

Merge Table
In case, your customer want to join with other tables

In Case, You want to give customers special care or attention

Taste(Food Modifier)
we know, every customer have their own taste. With INI, You can create hundreds of different taste options

Customize  tables, menus and categories

Caller ID Display 
You don’t need to put all the customers’ information When you get a call, program automatically displays caller id, customers phone number, name, address and sales history.

Cash In- Cash Out
You can easily do Cash in and out.

Time in- Time Out
You can manage and calculate employees working times.

You can create multiple discount levels. General, Take out only, Employee and Happy hour discount.

Export to Excel File

Any data can be exported to excel file. Sales data, Employee time data, expense data. That means you can do your accounting easier.


Be prepared and ready for your valuable customers.

Three Bill Options
It is hard to guess, what kind of bill each customer want, So our Three Bill options can cover any situations you face. 
One Bill, Separate Bills, Separate Bill in one long bill

Report by Category, Items, Hours, Month, Date, Employee,To increase your sales, it is necessary that you analyze customers trends like what they want and when do they need that, and who should help them. 
So our six report options can help you to make right decisions and plans. 

Split Bill
You can easily make separate bills. 
We know that you don’t want to waste your time and your customer time
Especially, in paying situation, we have quick way of making split bills.


Take out
In the beginning of sales, You don’t need to ask “For here or To go?” You can easily change wheather its takeout or dinein. 

Expense Report
Costco, BC Hydro, BC Trading you spend so much money at so much different place for your food.
Now, you can easily manage your expense report.

Schedule Order Print
Now, you can set the date and time for later order print


Print menu items in order
Put menu items into pos system randomly, Print out menu items in order. In our pos, you can set and give priority
Random items can be printed out orderly.

Gift Card
Make pass-by customer Regular customer and Steady customer with INI Gift card. 
Integrated card processing Partnership with Versapay(Chase Paymentech) makes card processing time less than seconds.
Make card processing easier and faster. 

Integrated with IPOD & IPAD
With IPod, take and place orders right at the table.

Multilanguage Support
We are in multicultural, we support multiple language.

UI Preview

Restaurant POS System Preview


Customers list

  • Bene Sushi (West Vancouver)- Japanese Restaurant POS System 
  • Edoya Japanese Restaurant (tsawwassen) – Sushi POS System. 
  • Bistro The home (Richmond) –Pasta POS System. 
  • Ginza Sushi (Kelowna) –Sushi Restaurant POS System. 
  • Sagano (Abbotsford)- Japanese Restaurant POS System. 
  • Togo Sushi Oakridge (Vancouver)- Quick Service Point of Sale System. 
  • Sushi Ro (Maple Ridege)- Japanese Restaurant Point of Sale System. 
  • Spicy Stone (SFU, Burnaby) – Korean Quick service POS System. 
  • Shogun (Victoria) – Japanese POS System. 
  • Sehmi (Toronto)- Restaurant Point of Sale System 
  • Momo Sushi (Kelowna)- Japanese Restaurant POS System 
  • Mastaro Sushi (Fort St. Jons). Japanese Restaurant POS System
  • Windsor Hotel Pub (Battleford, SA) Pub Point of Sale System
  • Lakeview Restaurant (Harrison) Western Food Point of Sale System
  • Sakura Sushi (Cranbrook) Japanese Restaurant POS System 
  • Mikado (Prince George)- Japanese Restaurant Point of Sale System
  • Sushi Harbor (Duncan)- Japanese Restaurant Point of Sale System
  • Ranchers Restaurant (Chilliwack)- Western food Point of Sale System
  • Ichiban (Gibson)- Sushi Restaurant Point of Sale System
  • Osaka Sushi(Courtenay)- Japanese Restaurant Point of Sale System
  • Great wall Mongolians BBQ (Broadway, Vancouver) – BBQ Restaurant POS System
  • Barceló’s(South Surrey) – Quick Service Point of Sales System
  • Kyung Bok Palace(Richmond) – Korean Food BBQ Point of Sale System
  • Jimmy’s Restaurant(Coquitlam) – Cafeteria Point of Sale System
  • Kim Express.(Kind Edward, Vancouver) – Pho Restaurant Point of Sale System
  • Sushi Hanami,(Calgary, AB) – Japanese Restaurant Point of Sale System
  • Nori Sushi(Nanaimo, Victoria Island)- Sushi Restaurant POS System
  • Sticky Rice (South Surrey)– Thai Restaurant Point of Sale System
  • Royal Seoul House(Broadway Vancouver) - BBQ Korean Point of Sale System
  • Okonomi Sushi ( New Westminster)- Japanese Point of Sale System
  • Akasaka Japanese (Surrey, Pitt meatdow)- Sushi Korean Restaurant POS System
  • Kabuki Sushi & Grill (NW, Edmonton, AB) Sushi Korean Restaurant Point of Sale System
  • And more...

coffee Shop

Customers list

  • Laughing Bean (Hasting, Buranby) – Coffee shop Point of Sale System
  • 7sin Coffee shop(Gm Place, Vancouver)- Coffee Shop POS System
  • Admiral Coffee Shop(Coal Harbour, Vancouver)- Cafeteria POS System
  • Bubbling Tea House (Surrey)- Bubble Tea Point of Sale System
  • Vannian Café ( Lougheed Sky Train Station, Coquitlam) –Sandwich Coffee Shop Point of Sale System
  • Cheese Cake etc(Granville, Vancouver) – Cheese Cake, Coffee shop POS System
  • Tealips coffee Shop(Burnaby) – Coffee Shop Bubble Tea House POS System
  • CreekSide Café-(Coquitlam Center, United Blvd)- Coffee Shop Sandwich POS System
  • Danz Gourmet(Vancouver) Catering, Coffee shop Point of Sale System
  • Happiness Coffeshop(Main, Vancouver) – Coffee shop POS System
  • Island City Baking(Burnaby) – Sandwich, coffee Shop Point of Sale System
  • And more...

Pub & Bar

Customers list

  • Lacombe Hotel Pub (Lacombe)- Pub & Bar Point of Sale System
  • Windsor hotel & Pub (Battleford)- Pub& Bar POS System
  • Bella Coola Valley Inn (Bella Coola)- Pub and Bar Point of Sale System
  • Blackfalds Motor Inn (Blackfalds) – Pub and Bar Point of Sale System
  • And more...


Customers list

  • Damiko (Langley, Surrey)- Sushi Restaurant Point of Sale System
  • Sushi Garden (Metro town, Burnaby) – Japanese Restaurant POS System
  • Sashimi Sushi (10 locations, in Great Vancouver)- Sushi Japanese Restaurant System
  • Togo Sushi (6 locations, Great Vancouver AREA )- Sushi Point of Sale System
  • Sushi Town (North Vancouver, Coquitlam, Burnaby) - Japanese Restaurant POS System
  • South Castle (North Vancouver, Coquitlam, Surrey) - Korean Restaurant Point of Sale System
  • Salty’s fish and chip(Victoria Island, Great Vancovuer Area) – Fish and Chip Point of Sale System
  • Sushi Garden (MetroTown, Burnaby) – Japanese Restaurant POS System
  • Sushi Bella (North Vancouver, Vancouver)- Sushi Restaurant Point of Sale System
  • And more...

Food Court

Food Court


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