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About us

INI Solutions is a point of sales software company since 2005 located in Vancouver Area. (Burnaby)

We are developing POS software based on customers' needs.

INI Solutions' POS system is widely used from small to big business owners in north America. 


INI Solutions provide Restaurant and Retail versions..


Types of Restaurant POS System

  • Quick Service (Food Court) POS System
  • Japanese Restaurant POS System
  • Coffee Shop POS System
  • Vietnamese Restaurant POS System
  • Sandwich Shop POS System
  • Cafeteria POS System
  • Bar POS System
  • BBQ Restaurant POS System
  • Chinese Restaurant POS System
  • Korean Restaurant POS System
  • Mongolian Restaurant POS System
  • Thai Restaurant POS System
  • Pizza / Delivery POS System


Types of Retail POS System

  • Convenience Store POS System
  • General Retail POS System
  • Pet Shop POS System
  • Produce POS System
  • Supermarket POS System
  • Meat Shop POS System
  • Dollar Store POS System



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